[pullquote align=right]All USCIS forms are available for free download in USCIS website’s forms section or by calling 1-800-870-3676. Never pay for a blank USCIS form. [/pullquote]

Please read and follow the form filing instructions. Form fees, eligibility requirements, fee waiver eligibility, required documents, and mailing addresses vary depending on the form you are filing and why you are filing. These tips will help ensure USCIS accepts your application package and forwards your case to a field office or service center for processing.

Complete Your Form Accurately:
  1. Use the most current form version.
  2. When possible, download the form from our website and complete it with a computer.
  3. If you hand write your answers, use black ink. Make sure your entries are neat, legible, and within the space provided.
  4. We use special scanners to read your forms and documents. The scanners will not properly read information that is greyed out, highlighted or corrected using correction fluid or tape.
  5. If you make an error, start over with a clean form.
  6. Complete the entire form.
  7. We prefer that you download forms from USCIS website, complete them electronically, and then print your forms to submit.


Submit Required Documents and Evidence:
  1. Submit the documents or evidence listed in the form instructions.
  2. Supporting documents must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.
  3. Submit copies unless original documents are requested. If you send an original document with your form, it will become part of the record and will not be returned to you automatically.
  4. If you have any attachments, make sure each attached page has your name and either your A-Number (if available). You may also number the pages and include the total amount of pages being attached (for example, “page 1 of 11”).


Check Your Application:
To ensure your form is accepted for processing:
  1. Sign the form.
  2. Pay the correct fee.
  3. Answer all questions completely and accurately.
  4. If filing multiple forms, write your name and date of birth EXACTLY the same way on each form.
  5. Mail the form(s) to the correct address using an approved method of delivery. Forms may be submitted using any form of USPS delivery or an approved courier service. Acceptable courier services include FedEx, DHL and UPS.


For further information/question please contact us at [email protected]


Information Source: USCIS.GOV


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